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Canarias & Reuable K-Pod

Canarias & Reuable K-Pod

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Introducing Canarias Yerba Mate with Reuable K-Pod:


Canarias Yerba Mate 250 grams (50 Servings)
Reuable K-Pod

Experience the rich flavors of Canarias Yerba Mate with our innovative and eco-friendly Reusable K-Pod. This convenient brewing solution combines the convenience of single-serve pods with the sustainability of a reusable option, allowing you to enjoy your favorite mate while minimizing waste.

Key Features:

Canarias Yerba Mate Excellence: Crafted from the finest yerba mate leaves, stems, and twigs, Canarias Yerba Mate embodies the true essence of South American mate culture. With its distinctive flavor profile and invigorating properties, each sip transports you to the vibrant landscapes where yerba mate is cherished.

Reusable K-Pod Technology: Our Reusable K-Pod offers a convenient way to brew your Canarias Yerba Mate without compromising on sustainability. Made from high-quality materials, this pod is designed to be durable and long-lasting. Simply fill the pod with your desired amount of yerba mate, snap it shut, and place it in your compatible single-serve coffee machine.

Customizable Brewing Experience: The Reusable K-Pod gives you the freedom to personalize your mate-drinking experience. Adjust the strength and intensity by adding more or less yerba mate to the pod. You have full control over the brewing time, allowing you to create a mate that perfectly suits your taste preferences.

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