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Canarias & Gourd with Bombilla

Canarias & Gourd with Bombilla

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Introducing Canarias Yerba Mate with Disposable Tea Bags:


Canarias Yerba Mate 250 grams (50 Servings)
High Quality Gourd and Bombilla

Experience the true essence of yerba mate with Canarias Yerba Mate paired with a traditional Gourd and Bombilla set. This exquisite kit combines the rich flavors of Canarias yerba mate with the authentic mate-drinking ritual, allowing you to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of South America.

Key Features:

Canarias Yerba Mate Excellence: Canarias Yerba Mate is renowned for its exceptional taste and premium quality. Made from hand-picked yerba mate leaves, stems, and twigs, it captures the essence of traditional mate, delivering a rich and invigorating flavor profile that will transport you to the heart of mate-drinking tradition.

Authentic Gourd and Bombilla: Our kit includes a beautifully crafted gourd and bombilla, the quintessential tools for enjoying yerba mate the traditional way. The gourd, made from natural materials, acts as the vessel for brewing and sipping the mate, while the bombilla, a filtered straw, allows you to enjoy the infusion without drinking the leaves. Embrace the authentic mate-drinking experience with this traditional set.

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